HUSQVARNA Guardmatic MS510 Masonry Brick Saw

brand new with your individual configuration

We, Profex International, grant up to 30% discount on your individually configured & brand new HUSQVARNA Guardmatic MS510 Masonry Brick Saw, which will ship from the HUSQVARNA factory directly to your facility and includes full HUSQVARNA warranty. If required commissioning by a Supervisor is also available at affordable rates.

Please contact us for your free same-day quotation.

HUSQVARNA Guardmatic MS510 Masonry Brick Saw
(other models & configurations available on request)


• Rips=Capable of 8x8x16 in Block , Diagnal Cut=N/A in, Depth of Cut 8 in

• Patented Sta-Level Blade Guard

• Patented Quick Mount Cutting Head

• Field Installable Blade Shaft Assembly

• 5 Motor Options Available

• Skid Resistant Foot Pedal Kit

• Wooden Skids

• 20" Blade Guard - 8" Depth of Cut
  (also available with 14" blades")


Blade Guard Capacity - in. (mm): 20 (508)

Blade Shaft RPM: 2,317

Max. Depth of Cut - in. (mm): 8 (203)

Arbor Size - in. (mm): 1" (25.4mm)

Blade Shaft Bearings: Ball bearings

Blade Shaft Drive: 2 V-belts

Blade Guard: One-piece steel, Sta-Level®

Conveyor Cart: Cast aluminum; vulcanized rubber top; adjustable measuring rule; 45°/90° cutting guide

Water Pump: High output submersible; totally epoxy-sealed with built-in thermal overload protection

Frame: Heavy-duty, jig welded "X" braced steel; open throat design; adjustable foot pedal head height control

Power Source:

Motor: Baldor

Specifications: T.E.F.C.

Max. Horsepower: 7.5 5600 W
(lower ratings available on request)

Voltage (electric motors): 230V 1 phase
(other voltages available on request)

Starter: Capacitor

Coolant: Air



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